The Alter Egos


I. Basics

Welcome to the Petersock family blog! (Just in case you're wondering, Petersock is a combination of two names).  The blog is focused on the wonderful adventure we have as parents to a lil' Sidekick.  We plan on blogging about mainly our son, in order for out of town relatives to have the opportunity to share in our joy at this new addition, and hope you find some interesting reads along the way, as we also plan to cover some parenting ideas, crafts, views, etc. :]

As for the characters of this blog, they are as follows:

DOB: 1984
Occupation: Welder/Grinder
Special Ability: The Calm One
DOB: 1985
Occupation: Stay At Home Mom
Special Ability: The Energetic One
DOB: 2012
Occupation: Dependent Baby
Special Ability: The Attention Getter

II. Timeline of our Family

8.December.2004: started dating (link to courtship story)
8.December.2007: married (link to wedding story)*pics coming soon*
May 2011: started TTC (link to belated honeymoon)
20.July.2011: BFP #1 / EDD 22.March.2012 (link to AngelBaby's story)
1.September.2011: Missed MC @ 9 weeks (baby measured 6 1/2 weeks)
7.September.2011: Emergency D&C + hospital stay (told not to try again for three cycles)
21.February.2012: BFP #2 / EDD 30.October.2012 
6.November.2012: Sidekick is here! (link to Sidekick's birth story)

III. See Sidekick Grow!

Year One: Month One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten & Eleven, Twelve Months

IV. Other

i.  FAQ's (link to the post)
ii. 100 Points (link to the post)
    ** 100 facts about all three of us ~ work in progress ** 
iii. Our Animals (link to the post) 
     Spot Feb.2009-23.Oct.2012 / Anubis 11.July.2011

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