Wednesday, August 1, 2012


1. Who are you? 
If you're looking for a basic, vague bio, please feel free to check out the "Info" page, found in the right sidebar image map.  But if you're asking for a name, I'm going to have to say "sorry".  I'm actually quite open to sharing my identity online.  Only because I know that nothing on the internet is truly anonymous, and I simply stick to a motto, that if I don't want someone to see it (either a stranger, a family member - or heck, someone in between those two), I simply don't post/Facebook it/blog/rant, etc. about it.  But, with a child now, I want to try to be protective of his identity.  I don't want to make it too easy for people to read this blog and figure out where we live, and what his name is, and know all his favorite things . . . it just gets me uncomfortable.  So, for his protection, I'll be going the "anonymity" route with this blog (but sharing the link with family members).  SUB QUESTION: "So if I know you, can I at least comment on your blog?"  Please feel free to comment on anything I post!  All I ask is that you do not use names that would reveal any of our "secret identities" ;]  You can also email me, via the blog, or if you know me really well, personal email ~

Where do you live?
I live in the great state of Minnesota.  It's a frozen tundra (just kidding . . . well, kind of).

Why bother with a blog, when you got Facebook?
Well, honestly, I just talkwrite too much to really fit all the things I want to say in cute, witty, little statuses.  And I like to organize the pictures, and share the stories that go along with it.  Of course, I plan on posting pictures on Facebook, too, but there's something nice about sharing the story behind the picture as well (plus, if I post all about the family, on a family blog, it's kind of expected - versus bombarding people's facebook feeds with 30 pictures of my son's latest art project, haha!).  It's just easier to link to a blog post, via my status, and then those who want to can choose to click on it (or not), but at least it's not quite like, "Look at my kid NOW!"

Who designed your blog? 
I did!  I looked up blog designs, and fell in love with this example.  Though now I use a more detailed-graphic heavy, sidebar image map.  I then used picmonkey, to edit my own version, and voila - one image map generator later, and it's all cute and whatnot ;)

More to come as necessary . . . 

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