Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Belated Honeymoon

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We had been married for three and a half years by the time we went on our honeymoon (May 2011).  Between family, and college, and moves, and more of the same of that - we hadn't even been away for a weekend!  When we finally agreed to start trying for our baby, my husband's only condition was that we get to have a honeymoon first . . . so, honeymoon, then baby?  Eh, made sense ;)

I really was okay with wherever he would want to go, but my husband being all kinds of amazing, actually suggested Disney World (I am a HUGE Disney fan!).  I had never thought that I would ever get to have a Disney honeymoon: I'm the kind of person, that when it comes to myself, I don't set any real expectations (I have goals, etc., but I never "expect" anything), so the fact that my husband was about to make a dream come true, when I myself didn't even realize how much I had even wanted it, was amazing.

We where going to be gone for a week, and honestly I was concerned.  I was certain that having to endure an entire week alone with me, without any distractions, was going to drive him crazy, and he'd even question just how he could be married to me this whole time (which one, says how paranoid I am about my "adorkability", and two, how little quality time we had actually spent together over the years with our busy lives).  But I digress.  Because, as he loves to say it, having me "all to himself" was all he had wanted - and doing so at the friendliest place on Earth didn't phase him one bit.

There's several mini stories from Disney World that I should probably share, but keeping it a family blog, I'll just share the most heart warming moment: seeing all the little girls running around, with their princess costumes, and their tiaras - my husband looked at me, and said, “I know we talked about having boys all this time, but I want a girl - just like you.”  I mean, that has got to be the most amazing thing I ever heard.  To be loved so much, that someone wants a mini-me version?! *sigh in adoration* (oh, and as for the boys comment, that was because I was certain I'd only want boys, thanks to my brothers - because at least with boys, I'd know what I was getting into, haha).

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