Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Courtship Story ~ Part. 3

I almost assumed that I would be the kind the kind of bride that cared a lot about the details.  Not quite a bridezilla, but definitely set in my ways (after all, though I'm quite free spirited, I'm also stubborn once I've decided on something).  But then again, my husband is not the stereotypical "guy", and I should have known better, than to think he'd just want to hang on the sidelines during all the wedding preparations!  (My husband is the kind of guy, who likes the cupboards to be in a certain order, ha!  So how could I not realize, that he'd want the centerpieces a certain way, too?)

He would ask me for details, and input but I think he got a little swept up in the choices, and really, I didn't care enough about the details to really protest.  It was too cute to watch him go from jewelry store to jewelry store, to find the perfect ring for himself ~ but I will admit, that between him, and my mother, I was a little worried that the wedding/reception would feel downright unfamiliar to anything I had in mind.  And if there is any regret that I have when it comes to the wedding prep, it's that I should have spoken up more frankly and noted that if my opinion for a wedding detail was asked, it shouldn't have been taken, and then systematically laid to the side (not that that really happened a lot!  For example, I was thinking ivy's around the centerpieces, and then that didn't happen . . . oh well, really!).  However, that was my fault - because one, I didn't care nearly enough about the details, like my husband and mother did, and two, I merely wanted to get married: which is exactly what happened, so who cares about the details?

One thing I will add though, is that I got to pick out my own wedding dress.  My mother came with me, and we have the absolute same taste in wedding dresses, so her and I were really able to pick out some gorgeous, classical dresses that fit beautifully!  I almost settled on one that was this Victorian-lace-with-a-thousand-buttons-kind, but the actual store owner asked me to try on one more, and it reminded me of something even older: medieval.  It had long, wide, translucent sleeves, that came off bare shoulders.  And intricate beading around the bust, before flowing out just underneath an empire cut, into a small train behind me.  It made me look long, and lean (always a plus, for a curvy hour glass type girl!), and the pointy shoes poking out underneath, where merely an added bonus to top off the historical homage.  *I'll have to share/add wedding pics, to this post soon!*

Wedding Day
The night before, I couldn't sleep.  I was never nervous, but just so darn excited to get things going!  Our wedding day was going to be our three year anniversary, and I was (more than) ready to be married.  I felt like it had taken us far too long to get there, and now that the moment was literally around the corner, I couldn't have slept if I wanted to.  So instead, my maid of honor and I stayed up all night watching "Supernatural" marathons, and my husband went out with friends (who embarrassed him thoroughly by making sure everyone around him knew he was getting married the next day . . . my husband is far too shy to get that kind of attention on himself, haha).

The next morning, I went to the hairdresser, got my red hair curled and tied up, with waves cascading down the back.  Add in a few flower-like jewelry pins, and I was off to the church!  Of course, with all this excitement, I forgot my make-up ~ but we also were going to be late, if I went all the way back home, too!  So we headed to the church, and even rushing it, things were running about ten minutes behind schedule.  People were trying to reassure me that they wouldn't start the wedding without me, but honestly, I just felt bad for making people wait . . . and then of course panicking, I asked for the one guest who had a similar (read: ghost like paleness) skin tone, like me (not to many of us in South Carolina, mind you).  Later, we both laughed a the idea, that I knew that she would be carrying her makeup with her!

I'm so glad that I was able to get all gussied up after all, and looking back, I'm certain that that was my bridezilla moment.  Getting dressed, and not knowing how I'd able to get married without "having my face done" - and then begging people around me to get that one guest I knew could help me out in a pinch!  Was I really going to let a bare face, stop me from getting married - no, of course not . . . but I might have stalled the ceremony long enough, to go down the street, and buy makeup!

Anyways, running late, but finally ready, I practically stampede up the stairs, where my father-in-law is waiting.  He was gracious enough to officiate the wedding, and seeing me practically hyperventilating, he took my hand in his, and gave me some reassuring words that basically amounted to: Just breathe.  But how could I?  I was finally getting married!!!

I couldn't get to the altar fast enough.  And though we were both so excited, and nervous, it was all because we had been working to this moment for three years.  Neither of us noticed it, but as things were closing with the ceremony, our guests noted the sun came out of the clouds, and through the large stained glass window opposite us, shined right down on us.  What a blessing! 

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