Thursday, August 23, 2012

Courtship Story

I should probably be careful how I word this - only because I don't think we ever once called it a courtship while we were dating, but looking back at it, we both realized that's exactly what we were doing.

How We Met
We had both been hurt in the past by our significant others, and by the time we caught each other's eyes, we really didn't even know how to approach one another - far too nervous to really "jump in".  Later on, we shared that on more than one occasion, we had seen each other around the college campus, and just stared in the background, trying to find the strength to approach one another, but even then, days, and weeks passed before I finally developed an impromptu plan!

We had the same art class, and carrying a ton of art materials in my toolbox-looking container, and my huge art board, I crossed over the grassy area by the building, when I saw him pulling up into the parking lot.  We had both arrived a good half hour early, and no one else was around - he hadn't spotted me yet, and I knew this was the best time to introduce myself - I just knew it!  But how?  I was still scared - still unable to use my usual articulate charm to approach him, and pretend I had confidence when things had gone so bad before in my previous relationship.  So I would have to do this a bit differently.

I had seen him be such a sweet, gentleman, holding doors open for other women carrying all their art supplies (even when nobody was watching - except me! - and even when nobody seemed to thank him for it).  So I deduced that he must be the kind of guy, that would save a damsel in distress (see how quickly I jump to conclusions with just the smallest piece of "evidence"?).  Anyways, so as he's climbing out of his car, I threw my art supplies in the air, and fell to the ground, as if I tripped - and quickly realized I'd have sharp, pointy things landing near my head!  Maybe this wasn't the best plan after all.  I covered my face, and waited for everything to fall around me, and finally, go limp as I wait for him to see what happened.  And luckily, he didn't just assume I was drunk in public, and walked over right away, standing over me, and simply asked if I was okay.  I looked up at him, and pretty much like an angel, he stood there, blocking out the sun from my face, with a light surrounding his shape.  He sure was heavenly to me!

I told him I fallen - only a few weeks later did I admit my "plan" - and he crouched down beside me, sitting in the grass, as I "gathered" myself together to sit up, too.  We were both so cute, and awkward, and nervous; but neither of us seemed to notice it about one another.  To one another, we were cool, calm and confident (though I have no idea how we pulled that off).  I think we were both just finally ready to talk to one another, after weeks of wanting to!  We talked for half and hour, and he asked if we could talk after class (to which I eagerly replied yes!), and then we walked together to art class.  I don't even remember how class went, but afterwards, we picked a shady area nearby, on a bench, and talked for a while.  We were still being shy, and reserved, but definitely flirtatious, and towards the end, he asked me on a date!

Decisions, Decisions
On our first date, we went to see a movie (both our favorite kind of date nights!), and afterwards we went to his apartment and talked for hours . . . about everything.  And so for the next two weeks, we continued seeing each other at every possible moment.  We talked on the phone, we'd have lunch off campus to his apartment in between classes, we continued going on dates - but the most important thing was, that we talked about what we wanted out of a relationship.  We shared our life stories, our pain, and our hurt - our loves, and our good times.  We talked about our morals, our ethics, what we wanted out of life.  We talked about our spiritual journey so far, and how important religions was to each of us.  We talked about families, and what we imagined our own families to be in the future.  But most importantly, we talked about wanting life partners, and not just dating "for fun".

We felt a familiarity not only between one another, but also what we had hoped to find in our life partner, and so, within two weeks of our first date, we were in a committed relationship that had all the intentions to lead to a lifelong journey together (and so far it has!). 

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