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Four Months

You see, I starting writing this a few days ago, in order to get a jump on it.  Seeing as I was two days late last month, I figured that if I got an early start on the text part, I could just fill in the gaps with some photos, and presto, monthly update on time.  But a bat had another idea D:

Here's the original beginning to this post:

What a month!  Right after the three month post, Sidekick rolled for the first time :)  He spent exactly five days in his crib, too . . . and then he got sick.  Yup, he had his first cold and we went to the doctor by day three, only to be told he could be sick for up to ten days - and he was.  Poor guy went through half doses of Tylenol for the most part, and he did get better, but he didn't quite seem like himself for days . . . and then he got sick all over again.  

He didn't seem in pain like the first time around, but he definitely was uncomfortable.  So back to the doctor, and surprise-surprise, he has another cold, and thrush! (I would not recommend looking it up though, because it can get quite nasty, spreading out of the mouth and everything, and you really don't want to see pictures of that!).  Luckily we caught his early, and with the prescription meds, he seems to be returning to his normal little self (but -

And ladies and gentlemen, this is where the bat comes in.  Yup, you read that right: a bat.

I was typing up this post, and hear I noise.  I thought it was just our dog Anubis knocking something over, but then I realized he was napping by my feet.  Again, I hear a noise, and I look to the right, and there it is.  A bat.  Flying around Sidekick's crib!  It must have noticed me because it took off down the hallway, and it actually flew so fast, I wasn't 100% sure that it was a creature of the night.  Just in case, I put a blanket around my head, and take my phone to shine it down the dark hallway - and there it was, perched on the 2nd bedroom threshold and staring back at me, like "What you looking at?"

I called my Mom and whispered into the phone about the situation, since HeroPapa didn't respond to my text (he was sound asleep in the main bedroom, before he'd start his nightshift).  And then, the bat came after me!  I don't know if it was attracted to my voice, or the light from my phone, but suddenly, it came around the hallway, and directly at me!  For a moment, I thought about picking up Sidekick and then I realized that if this bat was flying around me, I needed to get it away from his crib - so down the hallway I ran (it chasing after me the whole time), and screaming for HeroPapa to wake up because there was a bat in our apartment.  The animal was lingering outside our door, and HeroPapa figured now was as good as time as any to bring Sidekick into our room, call the office, and hide in the bedroom.  Afterwards, he went to the bathroom, and the bat flew right past him, too.

But even though the office sent up a guy fairly quickly, and both he and HeroPapa looked thoroughly, the bat was gone.  We went to the ER, half expecting they'd send us back as exaggerating first time parents, but the state health department and the ER doc felt that because I first saw the bat over Sidekick's crib, and I have no idea how long it was there for, he'd get the rabies vaccine.  He was such a trooper, only cried once, and then stopped right away.  He got two shots initially on Sunday, and then one on Wednesday (after getting his four month booster shots, too!), and then he gets two more shots this Sunday, and the following Sunday.


And now that all that has been shared.  Let's get to the fun stuff, eh?

Here's his four month photo collage, taken just this morning! :)

Click to make bigger!

The photo reads:

* nickname of the month: "Bucking Bronco"

* been sick all month!  Can't sleep well either :(

* tries to have conversations with you

* loves music best for playtime

* is 96th percentile for weight!

* only wears 9mo. clothes (though he did wear a 6-9mo. earlier this week)

Poor little guy, thanks to him being sick for a month now, he sleeps one two hour period at night, and then is up every hour after that (sometimes even 45 minutes later).  Because it's mostly head colds keeping him congested and coughing and sneezing, he's been sleeping inclined.  And forget daytime naps (he fights you like crazy about those - but he's so overtired!).  He probably is dealing with the four month wakeful, aka sleep regression, because his brain is literally growing so fast, and forming so many new connections, it's hard to sleep knowing there's so much around him to explore (though congestion doesn't help, that's for sure!).

He did roll for a few days at the beginning of the month, and I do have it on video!  But as soon as he got sick, he stopped, and hasn't done it since (the doctor isn't worried, and to be honest, the last thing I want to do when my sinuses are acting up, is roll around the floor).  So we just focus on our tummy time, and I encourage the rolling - which usually results in him lying on his side - and don't push it much further.

Considering how sick he's been, he's still growing like crazy!  He was 14.3 lbs at his two month appointment, so only gaining four pounds in two months, is actually slow for him ;D  But yes, as of yesterday he weighs 18lbs5oz ~ and just six days earlier during a sick visit, he had weighed 17lbs3oz. (so he gained a pound in six days!).  He's also 25.3 inches long, so he's just a big guy, and only wears 9mo. or up clothing (though he's been known to fit into some roomy 6-9mo. clothing earlier this week).  I guess it just depends on the brand, but yes, most of the clothes he's wearing these days is 9mo.  We got a big lug on our hands!

He still is a big leg kicker, and is really enjoying the new jumperoo we got him.  And he's been doing this thing for a few weeks now, where when he lays flat on his back, he lifts his legs all the way to his chest (work those ab muscles, Sidekick!), and then flings them down quickly and hard (sometimes even lifting his butt off the ground from the momentum).  Hence he is now the "Bucking Bronco" ;)

And finally, he still loves music the best.  Whether it's HeroMama's lullabies, or classical music, or BabyFirst videos about numbers, and animals.  Anything that sings, or makes music, fascinates him, and usually gets us the biggest smiles :D

So there you go - a month in review, of illnesses, creatures of the night, and huge babies ;)

And now onto the best part, right?  Pictures!  Lots, and lots of pictures . . . in fact, there's 54 of them! (as always, click to make bigger)

Roll in action!
Cute outfit - sitting on his own! - uh-oh, he caught me!
Family time with Oma (l.&r.) and Uncle 1+2 (middle)
Smiles for HeroPapa - bath time in the sink with Oma - pug shoes
Funny faces, in cute outfit (beginning of the month)
Squishy faces (l.&r.), and smiles in sleep (middle)
How will I ever resist that pout? - smiles at playtime - manboobs ;P
Enjoying his rocket ship!
Sick and clinging to HeroMama - being bounced on HeroPapa's lap - sick at Oma's
Buckled for a ride to the VA - naptime in car seat (middle)
Staring at the window - enjoying a new blanket -
learning numbers and playing with the Jumperoo (note HeroPapa's toolbox for support)
Playing with the new sounds/music of the Jumperoo
Having so much playing . . . that he doesn't want to let go when being pulled away!
Taking a Tylenol-nap - I burn water (boiling nipples because of the thrush) -
poor white spots on the inside of his upper lip
Sucking his thumb for comfort - and playing on the floor
Nap on HeroPapa - Sidekick's favorite position on HeroPapa -
learning about SmartPhones
A bit milk drunk - kisses from HeroPapa - big baby! (taken just today)
Playtime yesterday - and comfort suckle during tummy time

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