Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two Months

Be warned, there's a lot of pics in this post! :)

Alright, so I'm like three days late on this one - but for good reason, we've been busy! (Pretty much from Christmas Eve, to Epiphany Sunday was filled with family :D) . . . and though it was a lot of travel, a lot of visits, etc., it's so wonderful that everyone has been able to meet Sidekick!

So first off, let's share what you've been waiting to see: his two month picture :)

Info within the pic (click on it to make it bigger!) is as fallows: that he weighs 14lbs! (more on that further down this post) - that he can smile (pic of that below :D) - and that he tries to laugh, but so far, it's more of a chuckle (he's working his way up to it though) - he really prefers to fall asleep at night with Mama (and decides that that time starts at 6PM, though he doesn't fall asleep till close to 9PM - and Papa just won't do!) - he's also a comfort eater (big surprise if he weighs 14lbs., right?!) - he loves to try to stick his whole hand in his mouth (I'm sure he'll be a thumbsucker, like I was) - and finally, he loves to squish his face against your chest as he sleeps, hence the new nickname: "Squishy Face".

But hey, there's a few things that just wouldn't fit in the pic!

Like, starting our very own Christmas traditions as a family, and Christmas celebrations with extended family:

click to make bigger :)
And having Sidekick baptized (in the Unitarian sense)

click to make bigger :)

But probably one of the most endearing things we've gotten see this past month, is the intended smile (and occasional chuckle).  We haven't gotten the big, enchanting, loud baby laugh yet - but we're close!  There's something so wonderful about looking down at your baby, and your baby suddenly smiling at the realization that it's you (and happy about that fact).  There's been lots of smiles in our home ever since he came, but it's so nice that he's adding to it, too now :)  

How is this not the most amazing thing ever?
Now yesterday afternoon we had Sidekick's two month appointment, and yup - he weighs FOURTEEN pounds and two ounces OH MY GOD!  He's definitely a comfort eater.  The doc was careful not to hint a diet, but did suggest we try to help him not just comfort suckle - but he's not considered overweight (yet).  Besides, babies need fat, so I'm not worried.  And of course the dreaded vaccine shots . . . I really didn't think I'd make it, but I was strong for him, and didn't shed one tear, even though he had plenty.  Luckily right afterwards I held him and both hubby and I managed to comfort him through the afterpains.  About two hours later he felt a little hot, and had some discomfort so he got some medicine, and promptly went to sleep.  Hopefully he won't be in too much pain after his four month appointment when he gets booster shots :S

And now for one more collage of random photos to add even more cuteness to this post:

Click to make bigger :)



(I plan on adding a little list at the end of each month post, so you can see how he's grown over the months; and then at one year, turning them all into a collage ~ but for now, a list).


  1. A lovely report...and wonderful to look forward to the updates while we're so far away! We had SUCH a great time with you all!! Love you!

    1. Oh my gosh, how come I haven't replied to this already?? I kept thinking I did . . . and I obviously didn't D:
      We love you guys, too! And can't wait to see you all in just a few weeks <3