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Three Months

Hi everybody!  Sorry I'm late on the update,  I literally thought it was the sixth today . . . being indoors for so long has totally messed up my days.  Or maybe it's just the infamous mommy-brain.  What's worse, is that I look at my phone several times a day, and still, I thought today was the sixth: wow.

Anyways, on to the good stuff! (make sure to scroll to the end to see a gazillon pictures)

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The image reads: 
     + latest nickname is "Chunky Monkey"
     + sleeps seven hours at night, sometimes more!
     + has found his thumb :D
     + loves to sit up and explore
     + babbles all sorts of vowels and chuckles
     + prune juice is a gift from God
     + is outgrowing everything

So what's been happening this past month?  Well the big change earlier in the month was getting Sidekick on prune juice.  I didn't really think it would make any difference because we had tried everything for gas relief for the poor guy (massages, knees-to-chest, sitting up when eating, holding him up as often as possible, eating slower, wraps, sleeping inclined, apple juice and the last resort: thermometer when he couldn't even be on his back without screaming).  Seeing as the apple juice didn't change things up, I really wasn't expecting the prune juice to do the trick, but boy-oh-boy he's a (happy) regular guy now . . . just further proof that babies are like little old men ;P

Right around that time (thanks to no more gas), he was finally able to lay outside of a swing/car seat, and be swaddled separately, and lay flat in the pack n play located by our bed.  And he started sleeping through the night - first for four hours, then gradually working up to seven.  

And then, right around ten weeks, teething started, oh yes, teething!  Dear lordi, the amount of drool and spit bubbles that are produced is something else ~ and though the orajel helped, I didn't want to rely on it too much.  Thankfully sticking his paci's in the freezers for two minutes numbs his gums nicely and I haven't had to use much medication in days.  

But thanks to the teething pain, and what I suspect was an early growth spurt for his three months, he was no longer sleeping at night.  It just seemed to get worse and worse, until finally earlier this week, it peaked with him waking up every hour and a half, to two hours (for the first time in like six weeks).  We were both exhausted and though he didn't  seem to respond well to a schedule before (what newborn does though??), I was willing to try again: because at three months, Sidekick is considered an infant, not a newborn :)

Though today was a bit hit and miss, for the most part, we've been fallowing the E.A.S.Y method (though for us it's more like the E.A.E - a bit more - S.Y) but that's okay, because it's working!  Even though he's sleeping plenty during the day, he's also sleeping at night!  On Wednesday evening, he slept twelve hours :D  That's amazing, because it let me have eight and a half hours myself . . . which I haven't had the luxury of since my third trimester began in August of last year.  In case you're counting, that means my last full night of "suggested hours" of sleep was six months ago.  Half a year gees!)

Last night he was up a bit (twice exactly) but considering it was his he did really well.  Yup you read that right, he has successfully transitioned from the pack n play in our room to the crib (honestly, only because he has outgrown the pack n play haha).  In fact, he's outgrowing everything.  Even his car seat seems like it might getting snug, with his feet getting dangerously close to hanging over the edge.  He definitely can't fit into any 0-3 months clothes (no matter what brand), and now wears solely 3-6 months, or 6+ (depending on the brand).  He's a big, long, chunky monkey.

As for our dog, he's been adjusting quite well to Sidekick, expect when we get on the floor to play with our son - then our dog tries to jump over our son's head to get to us (it really looks quite scary).  And it's super annoying when his sharp claws dig into your arms as he desperately vies for your attention away from the baby.  BUT when we are just sitting around, he's actually quite sweet to Sidekick and licks him and sits down by his legs (even allowing our son to repeatedly kick him without as much as a flinch).  Anubis will even bring him his ball - though we don't know if he means for Sidekick to throw it, or if it's just another way to get us to pay attention.

Other than that, there's not too much left to report.  Our four month appointment is coming up in about a month, and I'm excited to see how much he's grown :)

Now onto all sorts of awesome pictures! (click on them to make them bigger)

Earlier in the month: right pic is his cute "dog" outfit
He loved to sleep in the swing, but over the month grew out of it!
(left pic is beginning of Month Two - other two, are end of the month)
*I literally found him "hanging" like this a few minutes after I put him in there, all snuggled*
Look at all those teething bubbles (left photo), and those lips (middle photo),
photo on the right is me holding him, about to do FaceTime with my mom,
when she points out that he fell asleep, without me even realizing it!
Practicing sitting up earlier in the month!
Doesn't seem very impressed with it in any setting does he?
Some tummy time (he's starting to like it more now than before),
and is okay now with sitting (for a bit), especially with a big pillow propped under his feet
He really doesn't want to be "Squishy Face" anymore.
He wants to be propped forward so he can take it all in.
Love the photo on the right, he looks so blaze about it all.
He still loves his vibrating chair, but really still wants his toys all around him.
So here he is yesterday, all set up - moves like crazy - and scares himself a bit when the music plays ;P
Left photo: his first night in the crib!  Middle photo: some tummy time
Right photo: I caught him sucking his thumb (versus his whole fist) for the first time!
Spending time with family is the best!  Left, with Uncle #2,
Middle is with Oma, and Right is with HeroPapa and Anubis
And finally, some sleep!  Left is just from today.  Middle is from two weeks ago,
though he can't fit in the chair now to sleep!  And right is a carseat nap :)

 See you all next month!
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