Monday, October 29, 2012

First Nursery

Well it might not look like much - but honestly, it's perfect to me :)

( seen in the photo: bassinet playpen with animal mobile, changing table, diaper genie, diaper storage 
on wall with diapers, meds, lotions, etc., animal decals, two bins of clothes for sizes 0-3 months )

It's set up next to our bed, because one, I'm not going to be moving much those first few weeks, and it'll be easier to get up and take care of those pesky newborn needs when he's close by ;P  And two, because my husband needs a bit more time to finish moving all his storage things (tools, custom furniture, etc.), out the area for our son's nursery . . . having an extra month or two to get the nursery set up (but at least having this bassinet area going), is a great compromise to help reduce stress all around :D

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