Thursday, August 27, 2015

My poor neglected little blog . . .

I haven't posted since January . . . that's a whopping eight months.  And even then, I was just trying to catch up and give poor Sidekick #2 some undivided attention with monthly posts (and yup, I still plan on doing this!).  But let me give a quick glance update as I spend the next few weeks making this blog a priority!!

- We still live in the frozen tundra called Minnesota, but are hoping to buy a house in the new year!
- Sidekick #1 will be THREE in November, and Sidekick #2 is 16 MONTHS (they look like such big boys lately <3)
- There has definitely been some adjustments going from a SAHM, to WAHM mom, and I still feel like we are trying to find the right balance to everything (age old question: can we have it all??)
- There's been some health concerns for some of my immediate family members, so understandably I've been pretty distracted by that, too
- I've been neglectful of practically every social media field out there (tumblr, pinterest, Facebook, RP's, etc.).  Life, what can I say?  But at least it's not like I'm only neglecting the family blog . . . I'm neglecting everything social (wait, that's not much better) :(  

^ and I definitely don't like it!  I'm a social butterfly, so now that things are settling down a bit, I hope to make this blog what it should be - monthly updates, with Sidekick's growth progresses, and a way for family to connect again <3

See you all soon!

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