Monday, January 19, 2015

Sidekick #2 - Three Months

Whoot for getting through these blog updates consistently ;)
Here's Sidekick #2 at three months . . . his last as a newborn!!

We knew we were done with having babies, so I really wanted to just enjoy the snuggles while I could.  Relax, and take in all those newborn moments - the coos, the sighs, and the first laughs.  Of course, my patience and resolve were tested with the stress from our apartment.  And then the move into my mom's ~ but we tried to appreciate all the little moments our little surprise brought to us :)

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Here's our final days in our apartment . . . we knew we were moving, but we still wanted to wait as long as possible.  We wanted Sidekick #1 not to have too many adjustments, but as you can see, we were literally missing drywall paneling underneath our staircase, which led to the raised living room - and it was becoming a safety issue for him crawling underneath it, so blargh . . . at least we got to celebrate a mini Father's Day, with a specialty cake for HeroPapa's lactose sensitivity.  And then attended our first babyfair, where we got some free pictures (Sidekick #1 on top left, and Sidekick #2 on bottom left).  Otherwise, HeroPapa and Sidekick #2 slept a lot in between moving ;)

Final picture of the flooded apartment!  They were trying to constantly fan the space to keep the moisture down and combat the mold once and for all.  But since they couldn't stop the flooding, it was like putting a bandaid on a open gash.  At least Uncle's #2, and #4 had a good time lounging around with Sidekick #1 on our final days . . . thank God for my boys!  Sidekick #1 kept me smiling with his emerging little personality: here he's wearing HeroPapa's socks ;)  And of course, Sidekick #2 was growing like a weed, so he slept a lot!

See?!  Like I said, he slept a lot . . . even Sidekick#1 was done with how crazy our lives were lately ~ and when Sidekick#2 was awake: well, he looked ready to go back to sleep.  However, he didn't sleep much during the night!!

What was cute to notice, was the subtle ways my boys started to interact with one another.  There were a few times were Sidekick #1 would settle down beside me when I was nursing, or sit next to the baby, and pat his head.  It was sweet to see a bond forming - slowly, but surely!  Sidekick #2 was so expressive, and my brother Uncle #2, decided to get them for a "gangsta photoshoot", which is in the bottom right ;)  Other than that, you'll spot in the middle right photo, the set up in the basement, with the day crib next to the slide for both babies . . . it was definitely an interesting set up! :) 

Our little Sidekick #1 was also growing - getting more playful, though he did seem very interested in his old toys (see bottom right pic), when we'd bring them out for Sidekick #2.  HeroPapa got more and more tired, though understandable from all the stress!  While Sidekick #2 loved sleeping on us best ~ but did not like flash photography (as seen in the middle pic haha).  That month, was also his first time in the jumperoo.  He tolerated it for a few minutes, but wasn't too keen on it yet (he didn't really seem to like it, till about 8/9 months actually!)

Sidekick #2 and me, would sleep downstairs in the basement on a large King size air mattress.  With HeroPapa coming home, usually around midnight because of the new commute.  Sidekick #1 slept through the night, mostly, and so he was stuck in my Mom's walk in closet, in a playpen.  It's a little hard to tell, but you can see him through the video monitor.  Give it another month though, and he stopped napping during the day entirely.  No joke, he's had 15 naps in six months - I kid you not!  So the final days of Sidekick#2's third month, were spent moving all of our stuff into Mom's (while keeping furniture at the apartment till the settlement was complete), and adjusting to a new life, with a bit of uncertainty.

Luckily, I was going to get a job offer the following month :D

And that's it!
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  1. Oh my goodness! Both of your boys are getting so big!! Adorable!!

    1. Eek, I know right? Doesn't help that I got huge boys . . . Sidekick #2 was 100% at his four month appointment, we laughed, "That's it, there are no bigger babies than him" ;)

      But thank you, I think they are adorable too!