Monday, October 13, 2014

Eek . . . October

Yup, it's been almost half.a.year since I've posted last.
Shame on me . . . but I promise it's not because I haven't wanted to!

So, to offer up a (way-too-super-quick) update (and with promises that a picture update is coming soon!), here's a few highlights:

1.) we moved . . . yup.  Again!  Have you heard about the floods in Minnesota thanks to that long winter, and that freeze into the ground that's like double than norm?  Well, our beautiful basement apartment flooded.  Several times.  And black mold was growing in it!  And the leasing office wanted us to move out before they'd do anything besides removing the drywall, so we got lawyers involved because we really didn't want to move again.  But at the end of the day, our patience was rewarded . . . becauseeeeeee

2.) I got a job!  Yup, the same week we found we had to move, I was offered an executive position to work with my youngest brother.  The best part (besides bringing in an income), is I get to work from home.  I'll definitely be elaborating on this some more in a later post, but we are hoping to pay down all those moving debts asap and the credit cards, and the car, and the student loans (those are the big ones!)

3.) Thanks to the new income, we can afford an actual home to rent (hoping to buy it within a year!).  My active little guys love the backyard!  I'll be sure to share pictures of the home as soon as I can, too :)

4.) And finally, Sidekick #1 is turning TWO next month (eek!), and yesterday, Sidekick #2 turned six months (holy heck!).  I can't wait to share pictures with you guys asap!

Hopefully soon <3

(I'll be working on pics tomorrow, and have a few posts in the works - as well as updating the graphics and info pages on the blog - can't wait to share the new layout and look).  

Thanks for keeping up with us, and I'll be sure to return the favor by posting again soon :)

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