Friday, April 25, 2014

Sidekick #2 Is Here!

Just wanted to give a quick update and share that Sidekick 2 is here, and though he had a bit of a rough start (a more detailed post/birth story coming asap!) - including a quick NICU stay to his jaundice levels - he's been home safe and sound for eight days now, and we are so excited for our family to be complete and are looking forward to the next chapter in our lives <3

Here's the mini birth announcement! 
(make sure to click on the pic to see a bigger size)

(And of course, now I need to update the blog graphics to include our new little mini man, and finally fix that sidebar image that keeps messing up every time I try to include links to the other pages :P )

AND hopefully now that I'm no longer sickly pregnant, and my boys are healthy and growing - I'll be able to get my internet presence back.  Sure lack of sleep won't help things, but not being hormonally imbalanced greatly enhances my concentration and ability to keep up with a blog, Facebook, and other online mommy forums that I miss dearly. 


  1. Congrats on Sidekick #2! He's adorable!!

    1. Eek! Somehow I hadn't seen this comment :P
      Thanks so much ~ and I am so excited to share some more recent pics, considering the baby is almost 8 months now :D