Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nine Months

Two Weeks Late (and a day late)?!  Gees-Louise!

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and see 143 images of Sidekick's eight month, now that he's nine months (and a half) old :)

Physical: Our little Sidekick is just growing by leaps and bounds, having added another inch to his frame (which puts him at the 75%) since last month, and half a pound (though on the whole, his weight gain has slowed down a bit for the first time . . . like, ever).  Both his pedi and I were quite happy about that.  Though how a baby looks, is not an indication of how they'll look all grown up.  I've seen quite the chubby baby, grow into a tall lean example of physical health.  He is now in the 95th percentile (versus 99% earlier), in weight.

His hair is still the same - a blondish light brown, and is getting a little thicker.  Though overall, he still has a bit of a cueball ;)  His eyes should remain the hue they are now, a beautiful lake blue in my opinion.  And according to developmental sights, his vision should now be 20/20.  Which makes sense, since he's crawling across the room to get to things he's now seeing :)

Developmental:  Sidekick is pulling himself up and standing - though isn't really taking any steps right now.  He can, but doesn't seem too interested in it at the moment.  He seems more interested in objects, playing with them longer, and instead of just gnawing at them, tries to interact with them differently (like, clanging them together in a clapping motion, and brushing his hair with food haha).  He seems to recognize his favorite toys and objects more, and smiles when certain books are brought out, and he claps his hands against the pages and helps turn them. 

We've been seeing the beginning signs of the pincer grasp, but he still prefers to rake a piece of food into his fist, and then squish his hand against his mouth - using his other hand to hold his wrist, as if trying to keep the hand with the food in it in place (so maybe he's aiming for balance, or accuracy?).  His memory capacity seems to be getting stronger, and he'll cry for one of us longer if he sees us leave - though that could just as well be separation anxiety coming in!  But he also has longer tantrums when things change, as if he's remembering what to be upset about for longer periods. 

Outings:  We had our typical Baby Story time outings at our local library for socialization.  As well as outings to the park, and getting ready for a public pool at a lake - but they wouldn't allow floatation devices, so last week Oma had an inflatable pool in the front yard he got to play in (but more on that for next month's update).  We also tried driving up to Duluth, for a weekend stay, but came home twelve hours later, because poor Sidekick just could not sleep outside his usual crib/routine.  We also got to spend a bit of time with Oma's German relatives, HeroMama's cousin and his girlfriend :)  It was a busy month, that's for sure!

**And in case you're wondering what the "parenting fails" refer to, it's just little things you'll be seeing throughout the collages, that I'll label for you . . . like lots of tech devices for Sidekick to get distracted by (oi!)

But enough with the basics: let's get to the fun stuff ~ in chronological order to boot :)

(don't forget to click on the collages to make bigger)


First (top) picture on the left, is probably one of the last times Sidekick has spent outside his playarea.  He's just too mobile and curious now, and there's too many wires for him to get into in the living room!  So if he's in the living room, it's usually only if one of us is holding him, or he's in his music chair, and/or excersaucer.  Bottom left pic is HeroPapa and Sidekick posing for me to take a pic of :)  And the middle row is me trying to get a pic of Sidekick and me - and instead he clamps down on my neck!  As if it was so bad to get him to try to smile for a profile shot ;)   The last of the top four pics is actually my facebook profile photo <3  Bottom two in the middle are me making him laugh big time shortly thereafter though - so I got the final word!  The two pics on the right, are Sidekick inspecting his rings on my chair, and looking all cute with his little jowls :D

Top Left photo is Sidekick just lounging around ;)  The top two pics on the right, and bottom right right pic, are at Baby Storytime at our local library - where HeroPapa creatively turned the boxes into a seat (and hat) for Sidekick.  Middle bottom pic is Sidekick pulling himself up!!!  Bottom left pic is the mess he created afterwards from being mobile (true story).

Top Left pic is Uncle #2 carrying Sidekick in the new Ergo we got (since he outgrow the stretchy Boba wrap, which shouldn't be used as a back carrier).  The bottom left pic, is Sidekick giving yet another awesome expression, this one says: "Girl, please!".  The middle pic is snuggles with HeroPapa's mother, Grandma #1.  The bottom middle pic is Sidekick relaxing on HeroPapa, with his feet against his jaw!  Top Right pic, is Sidekick being held by Uncle #4, HeroPapa's brother.  And bottom right pic, is posing au natural with HeroPapa :)

Top Left pic, car ride with his new stuffed animals: a dino and a monkey :)  Middle pic, having a snoozefest shortly afterwards, and showing off those jowls!  Top right pic, on the bench at the park with Uncle #1 and Oma.  Bottom left pic, on the big blue swing: our boy blue.  Middle Bottom pics, checking out the see saw, and bottom right pic, swinging in the infant chair.

Top left pic, getting ready to eat at Buca's :)  Middle top row, HeroPapa trying to get his attention, and Sidekick deciding to push against his Papa's chin as punishment ;)  Bottom Left pic, posing with HeroPapa.  Bottom Middle pic, posing with Opa, and Uncle #2.  Right side of pics, are me and Sidekick getting ready for our photo op - but he cares more about the food in my hand :D

Top Left pic, posing with HeroPapa, and looking all serious.  Middle top pic, sporting the same kinda smile, between Uncle #4, and Sidekick.  Top Right pic, HeroMama and Sidekick, showing off some weight loss!  Bottom Left, pretty much the last time Sidekick was in the living room . . . since (as seen in the bottom middle pic), he starts armycrawling all over the place.  Bottom right pic, HeroPapa having a funny way of holding Anubis and Sidekick simultaneously ;)

Left row of images, shows Sidekick acting like a turtle, with his pool as a shell.  He crawls on over to some toys, rolls over, and gnaws on it, with the "shell" still on him ;)  Top two pictures: Sidekick being all kinds of sad . . . until HeroMama cheers him up!  Bottom two pictures - parenting fail one and twoOne, by letting him get the "cord chewing" out of his system, with an unplugged fan.  And two, watching a baby wesee video online, so I can eat lunch :D

Top Left image, is a piece of paper, half white, half black - rolled with clear packing tape (in hopes he'd gnaw on that, instead of wanting wires (eh, it works about half of the time).  Bottom two pictures, is Sidekick posing in his musical chair, with (what HeroPapa calls) his "Elvis suite".  Top three right pics, are Sidekick playing with the mirror, his head bopping from one side to the other.  Middle two pics, are Sidekick shirtless, from opposite head angles - he can look quite different from all angles in my opinion!  Middle Right photos, are Sidekick checking out his new toy from Opa and Oma, a horse that makes riding sounds, and can be strapped to an adult's lap :)

Top Row from left to right: Sidekick lounging in Opa's arms.  Then in Uncle #2's, giving various looks.  And then crawling around at Oma's, getting ready for the pool (but we didn't get to go!).  Middle Left pic, is Sidekick and HeroPapa; and bottom left pic, is Sidekick and HeroMama.  Bottom two middle pics, are Sidekick checking out HeroPapa's XBOX 360 controller . . . and bottom right pics, are practicing eating with a spoon (don't you just love his patch of hair on top?!) 

Top Row of pics, are Sidekick checking out various toys of his.  Bottom two on the left, are Sidekick grasping his books - and giving one a funny look ;)  Middle right pic, is parenting fail number three: letting Sidekick play with a baby app on the Kindle, so he wouldn't scream when I went to the bathroom.  And bottom right pic, is parenting fail number four, for taking a pic of an obviously upset Sidekick, who got more upset by the presence of the phone (when he usually wants to hold the phone all.the.time).

Top left two images, are Sidekick exploring his excersaucer - and I just love his claw like foot in the second pic.  Top three right images, are the last baby story time of the summer (but we already signed up for fall!).  That last picture top right, must be him realizing that he's not coming back for a while . . . because he definitely looks unimpressed!  Bottom row of pictures, are Sidekick checking out the XBOX remote, and playing with his stuffed monkey.  That last pic on the bottom right, is him insisting on tasting the computer mouse, so finally I unplugged it and let him have a taste, and that's the face he made!  My plan worked though.  He hasn't reached for it since ;)

Top left pic is Sidekick trying to pull himself up between my legs - hey there boy!  Second to left pic, is him trying to get out of HeroPapa's grip, and get to me.  Middle two top pics are him just looking all kinds of cute in his play area.  Top right pic is him checking out my new iPhone case with our family on it, and the one immediately under, is him trying to watch HeroPapa play on the tv.  Bottom left pic is a funny angle of Sidekick gnawing on his rings.  Middle two pics in the center, are cute angles of his face, playing with his rattle toy - and just underneath in the two bottom center pics, is Sidekick striking a "manly" pose, and trying to cover up when he realizes I caught him!  Right pic in the middle is Sidekick looking particularly bored on my lap . . . but then right underneath, him making a face that looks a lot like HeroPapa.

Top left pic, Sidekick spending time with Grandma #1.  Two top center pics, Uncle #2, and Uncle #4 :) (Uncle #2 is actually a year older, but a like a foot shorter!).  Top right, Sidekick looking all kinds of cute :D  Bottom three pics on the left, Sidekick just really not having a good time - and me capturing the moments via parenting fail number six.  Middle two right pics, Sidekick likes to sleep with his feet curled under, and his butt up in the air - but that night, he had the blanket over him as well: silly baby.  Bottom two right pics, is hanging out with family (Uncle #2, Uncle #3, and Oma) at the Mall of America.  And then Sidekick and HeroMama posing together.

Top row: Sidekick exploring his play area - and checking out some bananas . . . which he decided he didn't like =P  Bottom left side, cute pic of Sidekick, posing in his musical chair - and relaxing against the black corner plush pillow of his play area.  Bottom right side, is spending a morning at the bank to discuss mortgage options :)

Top left pic, is Sidekick looking all done up in his monkey suit ;)  And top two pics, checking out his books ~ bottom left side, is relaxing in his stroller at an outdoor diner in Two Harbors (thirty minutes from Duluth).  Bottom three right photos, are checking out a malt like shop in central Duluth, where the food took too long . . . so he decided to eat the table instead.

Top left photo, Sidekick smiling as he gnaws on his set of toys.  Top two right, reaching for the bar on his excersaucer . . . to eat it!  Bottom left side, knocking over Uncle #2's pyramid of toys (and water bottle).  Bottom right three pics, are Sidekick eating a blueberry muffin - then coating his hair with it, and then just digging in face first, as HeroMama tries to take it away ;)

Top left photo, Sidekick on his nine month birthday, posing with Anubis on the chair.  Top middle pic, relaxing on the couch with HeroPapa at Oma's.  Bottom left photo is the next day, riding in the car cart at Cub's for the first time (he loved it!).  Middle bottom pic, is eating turkey au natural (without it being blended first - he loved that, too!).  Right pic, is getting another horse gift, to ride all on his own :D


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  1. What a big handsome boy sidekick is!! Love all the pics! Just wanted to drop in and day hi :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by ~ I'll be sure to return the favor!

      And thank you for the compliment ~ we think he's pretty darn handsome ourselves, but then again, we're biased ;)

      I'm sorry it took me so long to reply! We had a move (which is why his ten months post isn't up yet either). But I'm hoping to get to it to this week :)