Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

From our family to yours <3

Here's how ours went :)
(and as always, there's pictures at the bottom, and links open in a new window)

Back for Mother's Day, HeroPapa surprised me with a wonderful old time photo session with our son.  I loved it, our baby loved it, and my husband loved it . . . well everything but the price, haha.  Being a SAHM, means that there are certain financial sacrifices that have to be made (especially with a possible house on our horizon ~ cross your fingers!), but don't get me wrong, we are still very blessed <3  

But when I asked HeroPapa about what wonderful ideas he had for Father's Day, he kept joking (or maybe he wasn't really joking, haha), that he really just wanted to keep it cheap.  So bargain hunting I went - and luckily, an FB member from my birth month group shared a great coupon for the card (below) - and of course, Pinterest.  And this is what we ended up with:

~ Card (from  With my Father's Day Coupon (expired yesterday, sorry Mama's, I should have shared sooner, I didn't even think about it!), I was able to get the card in the picture for FREE (including shipping and handling).  I saved $3.98 :D  *I ordered it three weeks ago (part of the free shipping was sticking with standard, but it still took so long, that I was sure I was going to spoil the surprise.  Luckily, it came yesterday - talk about cutting it close! - and I managed to really bring a smile to my husband's face.

~ Present (from Target).  The inside joke, is that my husband (nor I), drink.  So buying a six pack isn't really an easy last minute present for HeroPapa.  But he does have one heck of a sweet tooth!  So looking on Pinterest, I found this pin and loved it :)  I figured I'd get it yesterday, and maybe there'd even be some last minute in-store sales for Father's Day.  So after bringing our son by to my Mom's, I headed over to the local Target, but it wasn't a SuperTarget (like where I lived), and they didn't have glass root beer bottles like I wanted to get (since I could put root beer - which he does like - in a container, and replace with candy).  

Then I had another idea.  Get a glass container that HeroPapa can take to work.  At the factory, over the summer months, the employees have access to unlimited Gatorade (saves a bundle!).  But he has always have to bring empty plastic soda bottles, in the past.  Yes, a glass bottle would be a much better gift, because it could be repurposed and last a longer than a day.  So I got this glass bottle, and the silicone cover is in his favorite color (teal) to boot.  Then I bought store brand jellybeans (one of his absolute faves), and filled up the container :)  Total Cost: $14.99 (bottle), and $2 for two bags of jellybeans, plus tax.

~ Food.  HeroPapa got to have a nice big steak.  A rarity since I neither cook - trust me, you don't me in your or any kitchen haha! - nor eat much meat (I'm like 98% vegetarian <-- because I do eat the occasional hot dog, and that's debatable how much meat it actually has, and sometimes chicken nuggets for those long hours on the road).  Plus, our kitchen seems to smoke up fairly quickly, and between my asthma, and Sidekick's still developing system, the idea of grilling steaks just didn't seem in the card - until today :D  Opening up the patio door, using the oven and stove (since we don't have a grill), and being very careful about the direction of smoke, we were able to avoid any issues; which resulted in HeroPapa having a nice big meal (though he forgot to buy the steak sauce for himself, oh oh).  Total Cost: nothing extra, because it was included in our weekly grocery budget.

~ Outing.  NONE.  Between church, extended family, and my insistence of family days (since he works nights, we are on three different schedules in this apartment - especially since poor Sidekick is still waking up several times a night), so I schlepp my poor husband around for hours so we can spend quality time together during the few hours out of the day, that we aren't all tired.  And add the fact that on Friday we moved a TON of stuff into storage (we can finally use the other side of our living room now YAY), the other last minute surprise was *technically we needed to get a few more grocery items, but I figured we could skip it for one more day (so long I got to dip into his food stash).  He readily agreed, and HeroPapa got to spend the day in pajamas :)

~ Sidekick.  No Father's Day would be complete with our amazingly awesome Rainbow Baby.  He snuggled with us both (for the first time in a long time, because he's been getting really independent lately), and while he was reclining in my arms, he kept looking up and following something in the air.  I asked him if he saw angels . . . but now I wonder if it was his big sibling checking in on us from above <3  Our son also showed his Papa some support (and who really runs this house sometimes), by wearing a "Daddy's Hero" onesie with his shorts and socks ;)  Our little Sidekick will be an amazing Hero sooner than we think (i.e. baby to child to teenager to *gasp* adult!)

So finally, here's a collage of our day (click to make bigger), feat. HeroPapa and Sidekick, and a shot of his new glass water bottle (the Gatorade will taste so much better, than in those old plastic soda bottles!).  And the card with three pictures of Sidekick and Papa (and one small one on the back of just Sidekick).  And of course, the steak :P

Hope everyone has a blessed Father's Day <3

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