Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Both Joel and I grew up with wonderful Christmas traditions, but which ones to use with our little Sidekick?  Should we decorate the entire house with nutcracker's and nativity scenery?  Should we go to The Nutcracker ballet like we have done together in the past? (in a few years - gosh could you imagine going with a little seven week old?)  Should we go off and make a bunch of cookies with HeroPapa's maternal family?  Or, continue to do the Christmas Exchange with HeroPapa's paternal side?  Should we always spend Christmas Eve with my family, decorating the tree together?

These are all questions we asked ourselves this year, because we don't only have ourselves to think of this season - we have our own new family (and Sidekick to introduce for the first time to the extended family!).  So we decided to spend two days, with three families, and though of course, it was busy; we also took Christmas morning to try our hand at our own special little set of traditions.

We woke up and lit a pine-tree scented Christmas candle (we weren't going to be home enough to really get much out a real tree), and played the fireplace video off of Netflix (which featured a Christmas yule log, and playing holiday music in the background).  It was like having our own fireplace, on our big screen :)  Finally, we placed our holiday cards along the tv as if it was our personal little mantel, and then we sat together and read the nativity story from our Bible.

It was a wonderful test-run, to our own little special Christmas traditions, but I'm sure it will evolve over the years as Sidekick begins to voice his opinions on the matter.  Because traditions are wonderful, but it's not about us anymore - Christmas is enjoyed most by children, and as our family grows, our traditions should, too.  We'll take a little bit from here, and a little bit from there, because at the end of the day, it's not about us, or what we deem are the only important ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  It's about us as a family, celebrating that fact, in any way that brings a smile to us all :)

Happy holidays everyone!  And have a safe New Year!

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