Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Animals

We have two furbabies; a cat named Spot, and a dog named Anubis.

 "Those who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion 
and pity will deal likewise with their fellow man." - St. Francis of Assisi

Our Short-haired Dalmation Cat

Spot is named after the numerous spots he has.  He looks like a Dalmatian, and makes these little bird like coos.  He also likes to dip his head forward, and bury his face into the floor, which makes him look like an ostrich.  No wonder he seems to be confused about his identity: he's a cat, that sounds like a bird, and looks like a dog, haha!   

Update on the 23rd of October 2012, Spot went to Heaven.  He had been listless for a day and a half, but that morning he began having labored breathing.  When we got him to the vet, we learned that he had some sort of blockage in his intestines, and he was so close to death that there was nothing they could do (they cautioned that the treatment alone at that point, could have burst his bladder).  And though we were told that he was probably not conscious of the pain anymore, who knew how long he had been in pain?  So we put him to sleep, and stayed with him.  We were the first people he saw when he was born, and we wanted to be the last people he saw when he died. 

Word of Caution: all this happened in a day and a half - he was listless, but that was it, he didn't meow in pain, or give any other indication that something was very wrong.  It all happened so quick!  Please don't wait even a day if your cat doesn't want to walk - better safe than sorry!

The images on the right and left are the last ones taken of Spot just a day or two before he passed.  The image on the right shows him curled in our son's bassinet.

Our 15lb! Pomeranian
to get your very own like Anubis, check out his birth home!

Anubis has a special story.  I've wanted a Pomeranian since I was sixteen, and my husband (always the one to make my dreams come true!), got me one when we were going through our first miscarriage.  I had been researching a dog breeder just before we found out we were expecting, but we had decided to wait till after the baby in order to save on some expenses.  Then our baby died, and my husband didn't know how I would handle being home all day, by myself, just thinking about our grief.  So this dog serves as dog-therapy if you will, because he was able to smile up at me with his wide mouth and his tongue sticking out.  And I got to take care of a (very needy) puppy.  I took care of him, and he took care of me.  He helped me through that tough time, and I am so grateful for his presence!

As for his name, he has this desert sand colored hair, and these gorgeous (almost Egyptian looking eye-makeup) coloring around his eyes - though that seems to have faded some, now that he's a year old.  Plus, Anubis is the ancient Egyptian, jackal headed (dog) God, and so it just seemed perfect for his "look".  It was only after we had named him, and I began researching more, that I discovered that the god Anubis also led the dead through the Underworld, and served as an Angel of Death of sorts.  At this point, I hadn't passed our baby yet (I was still trying to miscarry naturally at the time), and so the timing, the naming, and purpose behind the original Anubis, led me to really believe that he had come into our lives, right when he was supposed to - when my baby was leaving his/hers. 

Most recent pictures of Anubis - Oct. 2012

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