Saturday, December 8, 2012

An hour in our day - in pictures

Look of "Put the camera down and clean me already."

Sidekick was falling asleep, after eating, so I decide on a quick potty break, and to make some more formula for his next feeding.  I put him in his swing, and go about my business - and come back five minutes later to poor guy having spit up all over himself.  Worse, he gives me this look of "Clean me - now, please."

I grab my camera to capture his contempt - the first real look (the start of many, I'm sure, ha!) that just begs me to put the camera down long enough (or not to pick it up in the first place), in order to take care of him.  

Look of "You're more excited about this, than I am."

So, I decide that instead of waiting till I take a shower later and have him join me like usual, I'll clean the bathtub basin we bought for him and finally christian it into service.  About ten minutes later, we are set to go, and having wiped him down real quick, I place him in there, and start bathing him . . . and then he pees all over himself.


Finally, I continue, cleaning him up, and washing his hair, and the whole time, trying to talk about how exciting this is: his first real solo bath.  And then he gives me this look (cue pic on the right).


It's a look of "Okaaaaay, if you think it's awesome, good for you - I guess."  He's so sarcastic already, and I know he gets it from me.  Oh well, I can dish it out just as much as he can ;)

He started getting a little cold, so quick pat down with the towel, and his favorite part - getting dressed (note, my verbal sarcasm), and we were done.

Then, he got swaddled up for warmth and comfort, after eating some more.  Placed in his car seat - because he only likes to sleep inclined - and quickly fell asleep.  

So there you have it.  One hour, of a typical day, in pictures :)

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