Monday, October 29, 2012

Due Today =D

So according to my first clinic I'm due today, and according to my second clinic I'm due tomorrow - but hey, I spent the first seven months focusing on the 29th of October, so why stop now?  Besides, one day isn't a big deal, and though I know only like 5% of women give birth on their due date, I still can't help but look at this day with awe.  

Just last night, I finally finished writing up our AngelBaby's story (over a year after it had all happened!).  I think our little Sidekick was trying hard to reassure me that everything would end okay, because he gave lots of kicks as I was typing.  But it felt good to finally write it all out, and today, I'm just excited to countdown the days, because yes, we have a countdown!

My OB doesn't want me to get past 41 weeks, which is on my birthday! (November 5th), and that means he will be here (with God's help) within a week no matter what.  I have an appointment on Friday, and if he's not here by then, I'm getting induced on no later than Monday (what a great possible birthday present, right?!).

So let's begin . . . Day Seven and counting down :D

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