Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sorry for the absence!

As the title says, I'm sorry for the absence, and lack of updates on Sidekick :(
Basically, I'm in my third trimester now, and getting really tired all the time.

That and the move, setting things up (living room, kitchen, and bathroom are done - not much else), and the holidays, have just wiped me out.  In general, things are going well and Sidekick is cutting a lot of teeth, still growing like a weed (though thinning out since he's walking all over the place now), and mostly sleeping through the night - unless the teething is bothering him. 

Other than that, HeroPapa is on some new medication to help him with working third shift (the night shift), and it seems to be doing the trick!  He now has enough energy, because he's sleeping better during the day, to help around the house, and have some quality family as well, which has been such a blessing :)

As for me and Baby Boy #2, I'm trying to remind myself, that just because I can't get on the floor as much anymore with Sidekick to play, that that's okay.  I have to make time for this new baby too, and allow myself the rest I need (even if it's just sitting in a rocking chair), in order to be the best vessel I can be for this baby.  Our due date is still April 6th, and he's growing right on track.  Luckily, I'm gaining at a much slower pace than with Sidekick (though with him, I had edema, so almost half my weight gain was painful water weight swelling). 

So other than that, we are settling into our new apartment, which is amazing, and I can't wait to give a tour <3  I haven't forgotten about the blog, nor the fact, that our relatives need some amazing pictures of Sidekick soon, before they suffer from withdrawal ;)

I'll be back soonish, my goal being a big update on the 6th of Feb. at the latest ~ see you all then!

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